Quilted Fabric API: A call for contributors


February 14, 2023

Quilted Fabric API is our fork of Fabric API which runs alongside QSL to ensure mods using the Fabric API can work on Quilt. Since almost all Fabric mods make use of the Fabric API in some way or another, it's a critical part of Quilt's compatibility with Fabric mods, but despite this, it is largely updated and maintained by a single person:

Five vulnerabilities found in mrpack installer implementations

Ambre Bertucci

February 4, 2023

On Tuesday, 31st January, a member of the Quilt team discovered path traversal vulnerabilities in five different mrpack implementations, affecting MultiMC, PolyMC, Prism Launcher, ATLauncher and mrpack-install.

This article serves as a write-up for the vulnerabilities, and the affected versions.

Adding Cloudflare Web Analytics to quiltmc.org


November 26, 2022

Today, we're adding the Cloudflare Web Analytics to quiltmc.org. We know that analytics tools have a reputation of being both greedy and careless with user data, and that some people might feel that we're putting meaningless numbers before their privacy, which, given the general perception of web analytics, is not an unfair assumption. However, we have put thought and care into the decision, and so this article explains what data is collected, how we could use it, and how we collect it without impacting your privacy.

October: Month of the 'toberfests


October 2, 2022

October is most well known as a month of spookiness, of sugary treats, and of pumpkins (Pineapples, excuse me). But for developers, October is also a month of what I like to call "'toberfests", and today we're excited to announce that Quilt will be participating in two of them: Hacktoberfest and Modtoberfest.

Announcing the Quilt Forum


May 7, 2022

Hey everyone! I and the rest of the Community Team are excited to announce the final result of just over six months of planning, development, and a not insignificant amount of DevOps headaches. Namely, Quilt's new community space, the official Quilt Forum. The forum is being hosted and kindly sponsored by Starchild and their upcoming startup, Starchild Systems.