Last Updated: May 17, 2022

The Quilt Project is extremely community-oriented, and that means that it needs your help to succeed. This page is a list of team openings - voluntary positions within teams that need more members.

Please note: The listed positions typically do not have a quota. As long as a position remains listed on this page, we’ll continue to be interested in reviewing and accepting more members for them.

Development Roles

Development teams build the tools that make up Quilt, from build tools, to mappings, to libraries, to loaders. Joining a development team is a great way to contribute if you have a knowledge of Java, and how Minecraft works behind the scenes.

Build Tools

The Build Tools team is responsible for building the tools that make Quilt modding possible. This is one of our most important teams, and it maintains projects that are instrumental for getting Quilt to a full release.

This team is currently focused on improving Sponge’s VanillaGradle and bringing it into a state where it can be used for Quilt. Until this is completed, Quilt projects are reliant on Fabric’s Loom and a set of additional Gradle plugins, so we’re hoping to prioritise development in this team.

If you’re interested in helping out with Quilt’s build tools or would like to join this team, please send a message in #build-tools-general on the Toolchain Discord Server.

Mappings Triage

The Mappings team is responsible for Quilt Mappings and its backbone projects, such as Hashed Mojmap. This team is currently looking for triage members, who are mostly responsible for reviewing Pull Requests to Quilt Mappings, ensuring they’re up to spec and meet the project’s requirements.

This isn’t a high-stress position, but it’s still important - especially as we’d like to be able to allow Quilt Mappings PRs to move quickly and be merged without unnecessary delay.

If you’d like to join this team, please send a message in #mappings-general on the Toolchain Discord Server.


There are several QSL teams that don’t yet have any members, and this means that the parts of QSL that they are responsible for is overseen by the core QSL team instead, which isn’t ideal as they already have a lot of work to do. The following teams are empty, and need members:

  • Block
  • Transfer

Additionally, the following QSL teams are looking for more members:

  • Entities
  • GUI
  • Rendering

If you’d like to join one of these QSL teams and/or work on these modules, please send a message in #qsl-general on the Toolchain Discord Server

Quilted Fabric API

Quilted Fabric API is a re-implementation of Fabric API using QSL. As a maintainer, you will be responsible for merging changes for upstream Fabric API, ensuring that it doesn’t conflict with QSL, and re-implement Fabric API features in QSL once they become available.

If you’re interested in taking up this role, please send a message in #qsl-general on the Toolchain Discord Server

Community Team

The Community Team is responsible for taking care of our community, helping it grow, and keeping it safe, welcoming and running smoothly. Joining it is a great way to contribute if you’re not a developer, or just not interested in developing modding technologies.

Events Team

The Events Team is responsible for organising and running community events, anything from AMAs to modding conventions. While there hasn’t yet been much in the way of events, this will change as we get nearer to release, so if you think this is something you’d be good at, we’d love your help!

While the Events Team isn’t a Moderation position, applications go through the same system - join the Community Discord Server and DM ModMail to send in your application. Make sure to include any previous experience you have with running events, either virtual or in person.


Moderators are the backbone of our community, ensuring that everyone is safe, that rules are enforced, and that discussions are conducted in a productive manner. While the current team can handle the amount of activity that our communities receive, the team needs to be expanded to deal with the increasing interest and community activity over time, and as development progresses.

If you’d like to apply to be a Moderator, please join the Community Discord Server and DM ModMail to send in your application. It is recommended that you read our Rules and Code of Conduct before applying.