Quilt is in beta. Here be dragons - there may be issues, but we'll fix them as quickly as we can!

If you'd like to help us test Quilt, please feel free to install it, try it, and let us know how you get on!



Status: Work In Progress

GDLauncher does not currently support Quilt, but a member of the community has submitted a Pull Request that adds Quilt support. If you’re interested in seeing Quilt support in GDLauncher, feel free to take a look at that PR.


Please note that the following solutions are maintained by third party developers. We cannot guarantee their efficacy over time — and, while we believe them to be entirely safe, we can’t take responsibility for any issues caused by them.

Please remember to back up your worlds if you attempt to use the following solutions on an existing launcher profile!

If you can’t wait for GDLauncher to support Quilt, then kb1000 maintains one possible solution:

  1. Create a Forge profile
  2. Add JumpQuilt, which will hijack the Forge loading process to load Quilt instead
  3. Add your mods as usual
  4. Ensure you have also added the Quilted Fabric API/Quilt Standard Libraries bundle, which you can find on CurseForge

We’re aware that this isn’t an ideal solution for a number of reasons. Please show your support on the Pull Request linked above if you’d like to see a better solution!