Edited: February 8, 2023

We expect everyone that makes use of any Quilt community spaces to adhere to the following rules. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact a member of the community team or ask your question in the #discord-meta channel.

Remember: Ignorance of our rules is not an excuse for breaking them. You are responsible for educating yourself on how every community you join expects you to behave, and "I didn't know that was in the rules" will never be a valid excuse.

1) Follow our Code of Conduct and NSFW content policy

Make sure you read and follow our Code of Conduct, which outlines what we expect from you and is the basis for these rules. It's important that you read and understand the Code of Conduct, and the rules on this page -- feel free to contact a community team member if you need any clarification.

Additionally, be sure to read and follow our NSFW and Sexual Content policy, which explains what types of content, media and related behaviour we do and don't allow.

That said, remember that there will sometimes be situations that are difficult to fit into the Code of Conduct at a glance. In these cases, please contact a member of the community team for clarification.

2) Follow Discord's Rules

In all community spaces, everyone must also follow the Discord Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

These aren't just good to follow as a general rule of thumb -- this is also a requirement when operating a large community on Discord, especially if that community is aiming to be partnered or verified.

3) Try to speak English

The world is a big place, and many people will have a different native language. The common language in our community is English, but we understand that not everyone speaks English at the same level.

If you're not a native English speaker, please try to speak English to the best of your ability. Don't worry if you need to use a translation tool, or if your English isn't great -- we won't make fun of you, and we'll help you figure out the right words if you get stuck.

4) Listen to & respect all community team members

The community team is here to support the community, keep it running smoothly, and ensure that it remains safe and friendly. In order to allow us to do our jobs, we need you to cooperate with us.

Essentially, please take requests from community team members seriously and listen when a team member asks you to do something. If you have a problem with what a team member is asking you to do, we advise that you step away from the situation and send a private message to another team member.

While anyone may make use of the Quilt toolchain in accordance with the licenses applied to each project, all projects developed or promoted in all Quilt community spaces must meet the following criteria:

  • Projects must not be malicious -- which includes (but is not limited to) malware, mods that include backdoors, mods that modify Quilt in an attempt to hide themselves from servers they connect to, or mods that harass specific people or groups of people (for example, by automatically kicking them from servers with the mod installed)
  • Projects must not be sexualized, hateful or otherwise inappropriate in nature, and this also applies to all code and project assets posted for any purpose
  • Projects must not break laws, including copyright laws -- this includes piracy tools (including mods that use projects like youtube-dl for in-game music streaming) and hacked clients, as well as projects that fail to adhere to the licenses of other projects to the best of their ability
  • Projects must not break the Terms of Service or EULA of any organization, including (but not limited to) Mojang, Microsoft, Discord (including their ban on exploits and hacks) and any other community platforms we use
  • Projects must not hide their functionality and should be upfront with what they do -- however, projects with unfinished documentation or benign "Easter eggs" do not violate this rule
  • Projects must not make use of exploits in order to provide their functionality -- this is required by the Discord Terms of Service (among others), and is widely considered to be a problematic thing to do

6) Don't spam, and don't advertise outside the showcase channels

We provide a number of channels for showcasing and informing users about your Quilt-related projects. Outside of these channels, we will not tolerate advertising or any other form of spam. In particular, posting large numbers of images or lines of text together can be particularly disruptive, and we'd prefer you make use of a pastebin site or image uploading site when sharing a lot of text or images.

We may remove links to other Discord servers, communities and projects at our discretion if we feel like they've been posted inappropriately, rather than to start or contribute to a discussion.

7) Follow the given channel topic, and don't derail a discussion

Most of our channels are strictly on-topic, and we expect our users to take note of a channel's topic and stick to it. We understand that conversations may span multiple topics and move onto something else, but we may ask you to move if a conversation leaves the scope of a channel's topic.

Additionally, when entering a channel with an active discussion, please be mindful of that discussion and do not try to derail it (by talking over it, for example). We have multiple general (off-topic) channels you can use if a channel is busy.

8) When requesting help, specify your mappings (and other useful, relevant info)

If you're working on a mod and asking for help in one of our many help channels, make sure you specify what mappings you're using. We recommend creating a thread, and putting the mappings in the thread name -- you can use these abbreviations to ensure everyone's on the same page:

  • MCP -- MCP/Forge mappings
  • MM -- Mojang Mappings
  • QM -- Quilt Mappings (The default for Quilt)
  • YM -- Yarn Mappings (The default for Fabric)

An example thread title could be YM | Entity pathing or [MM] Negative Enchants. That said, we understand that quick questions may be more suited to direct discussion in the channels -- in those cases, make sure you're clear about which mappings you're using. You can also make use of the :mcp:, :mm:, :qm: and :ym: (or :yarn:) emoji if you'd like to.

Ultimately, it's your responsibility to ensure that it's as easy as possible to help you with your questions. The less work it takes for someone to understand your problem, the more likely you are to get a quick response! To that end, we also recommend you specify other useful information with your question -- such as the version of Minecraft you're working with, error logs and relevant code snippets.

9) Don't import drama or controversy from other communities

We aim to be a safe place for everyone -- regardless of their background, identity, or other defining trait. In order to do this, it's important that people are allowed to interact without having to worry about controversies from the wider modding community that they may be seeking refuge from.

Additionally, we expect a certain level of professionalism from our members. For both of these reasons, discussion of drama or controversies from other communities is banned -- including the numerous controversies that have unfolded within other spaces in the wider modding community.

If you'd like to discuss these controversies with other users, start a DM group or join a community that's designed to handle that discussion.

Non-message mediums

Do not change your avatar, nickname, username or custom/rich status to try to evade an infraction, or to attack or harass any user or group. If you'd like to appeal an infraction, please send a private message to any community team member.


All nicknames must adhere to the rules above, in addition to the following rules:

  1. Nicknames must be easy to read, especially by a screen-reader (eg: no Zalgo or otherwise hard to read non-ascii characters, with the exception of non-Latin names)
  2. Nicknames cannot be intentionally confusing or misleading - impersonation is stricly forbidden, as well as using similar looking nicknames to be intentionally confusing
  3. Nicknames must have some readable characters (eg: no "empty" nicknames)

We reserve the right to change or reset nicknames that are infringing those rules, or designed to place you higher in the member list in community spaces that have one, which is known as "hoisting". As always, the moderator has the final call as to whether a nickname infringe those rules or not. You are free to appeal this decision.


All avatars must adhere to the rules above. Additionally, avatars depicting weapons (e.g. knives, firearms), objectionable or Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content are disallowed, as well as fully-transparent avatars or avatars that appear to be fully-transparent by matching the platform's background color. This also applies to PluralKit member avatars.

Custom/Rich Statuses

All user statuses must adhere to the rules above. In particular, we don't want to see objectionable or NSFW emoji, the advertising of sketchy or NSFW websites, or hateful sentiment.


To report rule-breaking behavior on Discord, mention the @Moderators role directly in the channel, and a community team member will be along as soon as they can be. You can also send a private message to the @ModMail bot, which will open a thread that any currently available community team member can respond to.

Alternatively, you can send a private message directly to any community team member, or otherwise contact the community team using the relevant contact methods for the given community space.

If your report concerns a community team member, please send a private message directly to a different member of the community team or a member of the administrative board. All private reports will be treated with confidentiality.


Our community team members have multiple tools at their disposal when dealing with those who violate the rules, including the following:

  • Verbally/textually warning or correcting users
  • Forcibly changing a user's nickname
  • Temporarily muting users
  • Temporarily or permanently removing users from the community (kicking, tempbanning, banning)

Each situation is unique, and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. All actions taken in response to rule-breaking behavior is done at the discretion of the community team member in question -- however, we will take feedback from the community if its members are not happy with how things were resolved.

Appeals for community bans on Discord are handled via the @ModMail bot, and banned users are automatically sent an invite to a special server that exists for them to be able to send a private message to @ModMail. We advise that anyone appealing an infraction approaches their appeal with civility and respect, addressing the infraction reason and, if they agree with the infraction, considering the severity of what they did and what they may be able to do to rectify it.

Appeals made for lesser infractions may result in a more significant infraction if the person appealing fails to approach their appeal with respect, or attempts to abuse the community team members or appeals process.

Moderation Guidelines

Moderation is a complicated subject at best, and it requires a lot of nuances and difficult decision-making. While it's impossible to enumerate every possible situation (and some situations will not suit our documentation), we've done our best to explain how we come to a decision, and what we expect from our community team.

For more information on this, feel free to read our moderation guidelines. If you have any feedback on this document, feel free to contact us!

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