Edited: May 9, 2023

You can find Quilt in the following places:

In all of these places you are expected to follow our rules and Code of Conduct.


Quilt's official community spaces exist to address issues in the wider modding community as much as the rest of the project does. While it's certainly true that no large project should be without official community spaces, we had several specific intentions in mind while creating it:

  • To build inclusivity and diversity into policy from the beginning, creating a safe community for minority groups as best we can
  • To create a plural-friendly space by including tools like PluralKit from a very early stage
  • To get the community involved in community and policy decisions, allowing their voices to be heard and using their input to shape our spaces
  • To act with transparency where possible and reasonable without trying to hide our actions, and explaining moderation decisions when asked about them
  • To provide room for defensive moderation tools, and investigative moderation approaches -- allowing our staff to react to issues in the wider modding community, and solve problems before they're apparent to the userbase

We think we've largely succeeded at this and our community has been excellent at correcting us when we make mistakes, holding us accountable, and helping us to understand issues that we otherwise have no direct experience with -- whether that's through lack of information, or just being privileged enough to never have encountered them directly. We always encourage our community members to contact us whenever they notice something untoward -- if you've been doing that, then thank you!

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