Quiltflower is now Vineflower


July 9, 2023

The Quiltflower decompiler is an integral part of Quilt's toolchain, and has been quietly developed by jaskarth and the rest of the Decompilers team since our earliest beginnings. Yesterday, the team decided to separate from Quilt and continue development under the Vineflower organisation.

Despite the separation and the change in name, we expect that very little will change for Quilt developers: We will continue to use Quiltflower — now Vineflower — in our toolchain as we always have.

Why did this happen?

Although decompilation is a core part of Minecraft modding, decompilers aren't inherently related to Minecraft in the same way that Quilt Loader or QSL might be, and so the decompilers team hasn't really ever operated like the rest of Quilt's development teams. Because of this separation, they felt that it would be easier to develop Vineflower independently of the complexity that comes with having to coordinate the operations of an entire modding toolchain and its associated community.

Although we will be sad to see the decompiler team go, we're very proud that they have managed (the geniuses that they are) to make Quiltflower into one of the best Java decompilers in the world, and bring it to a point where it is ready to leave our cozy nest, and blossom into its own amazing project.

If you'd like to show the new Vineflower team some love, you might send them a Star on GitHub.