Introducing BlanketCon!


March 29, 2022

Heya! Lemma here to announce a big project we’ve been working on for a while now! From May 6th to May 7th this year, ModFest and Quilt are proud to be hosting BlanketCon, an in-game Minecraft modding convention powered by Quilt Loader! We’ll be making a custom world where you can check out old favorites and newcomers alike! Come talk to devs and attend panels, keynotes, and more!

If you’re a Minecraft mod developer, we want you here at BlanketCon! Submit whatever mods you’d like to feature in the con; size or poularity doesn’t matter! The server will be running on the Quilt Loader beta, with support for both Fabric and Quilt mods, but if you develop for Forge, Sponge, Paper, or any other modding framework, you’re still more than welcome to hold an event - despite being Quilt-run, we want this to be a celebration of Minecraft modding as a whole! You can apply to host a booth or an at-con event at!

The con server will open on May 5th at 6 PM UTC, with the opening ceremony beginning an hour later! You can see the full schedule as it’s created, as well as all confirmed booths on the BlanketCon site at!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the ModFest or Quilt discords! I hope to see you all there!