Quilt's (EXTREMELY LATE) November Update


September 28, 2023

It's been quite a while since the last proper development update here, with the last one being our 2021 October update. In this fairly enormous post, we'll be covering all the biggest developments since entering beta! We'll be going through Quilt Standard Libraries, Quilt Loader, Quilt Mappings, Quilted Fabric API, Chasm, Quilt Kotlin Libraries, Cozy, and a few other things. Taking the crown for the new longest blog post, I hope you enjoy seeing what we've been working on!

Quilt Loader Telemetry Explained


July 12, 2023

Update 17/07/2023: The beacon has been temporarily disabled following a report that it was errorneously storing IP addresses. Please see this forum post for more information.

Quilt Loader 0.19.2 adds beacon functionality to count Quilt's Monthly Active Users, or MAUs. There has recently been some confusion about how this functionality works and why it was added, so this blog post is intended to provide a clear explanation of both of those things.

Quiltflower is now Vineflower


July 9, 2023

The Quiltflower decompiler is an integral part of Quilt's toolchain, and has been quietly developed by jaskarth and the rest of the Decompilers team since our earliest beginnings. Yesterday, the team decided to separate from Quilt and continue development under the Vineflower organisation.

Evil Modding Project Adds Telemetry


June 26, 2023

If you've been keeping tabs on our RFC, or Request For Comment, repository, you may have noticed that we've just merged a proposal for Quilt Loader to keep tabs on how many people are using it each month. All considered, it's unfortunate that it was RFC 81, not RFC 1984.

Quilt Mappings needs you!


June 3, 2023

Hello quilters!
An important announcement from the Quilt Mappings team today (you can tell, because I’ve pulled out proper punctuation for the first time in my Quilt career). I’ll cut straight to the point and say it: Quilt Mappings is in need of contributions. The team and I have been working hard to keep up with Minecraft lately, but with a backlog of missing mappings since before I joined and Mojang always working to improve the game, we can’t hold up our completion by ourselves.