October: Month of the 'toberfests


October 2, 2022

October is most well known as a month of spookiness, of sugary treats, and of pumpkins (Pineapples, excuse me). But for developers, October is also a month of what I like to call “‘toberfests”, and today we’re excited to announce that Quilt will be participating in two of them: Hacktoberfest and Modtoberfest.

Announcing the Quilt Forum


May 7, 2022

Hey everyone! I and the rest of the Community Team are excited to announce the final result of just over six months of planning, development, and a not insignificant amount of DevOps headaches. Namely, Quilt’s new community space, the official Quilt Forum. The forum is being hosted and kindly sponsored by Starchild and their upcoming startup, Starchild Systems.

Introducing BlanketCon!


March 29, 2022

Heya! Lemma here to announce a big project we’ve been working on for a while now! From May 6th to May 7th this year, ModFest and Quilt are proud to be hosting BlanketCon, an in-game Minecraft modding convention powered by Quilt Loader! We’ll be making a custom world where you can check out old favorites and newcomers alike! Come talk to devs and attend panels, keynotes, and more!

Quilt enters Beta


March 22, 2022

In February’s final bi-weekly developer meeting (which you can listen to as a podcast), an exciting announcement was made: Quilt is releasing its first beta on April 20th, 2022.

Quilt's (VERY LATE) October Update


November 10, 2021

It is now well past the End of October and closer to Halloween then I’d like to admit. Here is some of the more fleshed out updates about the Quilt Project: