Quilt Development Update: March 2024


April 8, 2024

In my journeys through the many QuiltMC codebases, I've learned many things. One of those teachings is that I should keep this intro short and sweet. This month saw tons of work on QSL, a big release of Quilt Loader, and a ton of new mappings. Simply delightful. Grab your machete, and I'll show you the path to enlightenment via learning about updates to our block game modding toolchain.

Quilt Development Update: February 2024

ix0rai, OroArmor

March 9, 2024

Well gamers. Another month another late blog post from your local insomniac. This month, to break up the monotony of my ramblings, we've brought local QSL guy OroArmor onto the program to tell us about, you guessed it, QSL. Come sit by the fireside with him.

Quilt Development Update: January 2024


February 12, 2024

As a homunculus constructed of mappings and Swing, barely tied together by a high-voltage web of electricity and emotion, I try to deliver a nuanced view of each month's development in the Quiltosphere, to varying degrees of success. Let's see what happened in the last 31 days of development.

Quilt Development Update: December 2023


December 31, 2023

Welcome back to your favourite series recapping the month's Quilt development! This month saw tons of work on mappings with Enigma 2.0, plenty of new beta releases for Quilt Loader, work on porting Quilted Fabric API to new Fabric API releases and Minecraft versions, and work on the wiki, Quilt Config, the website, and more for our lovely miscellaneous section.